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What to do If You Were Exposed to Burn Pits?

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The first step is to get medical attention for any health-related issues that you’re having, especially if you believe the effects are a result of something like your exposure to burn pits during your service. It’s important to keep track of any symptoms, doctor visits, treatments, and any other related information as this can be useful. When you submit a future claim to the VA, then contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and potentially file a claim if you believe that your health conditions are a result of your exposure to burn pits from service. You will need medical documentation to prove the connection.

If you are willing, you can join the Burn Pit registry, which enables the VA to track and study the effects of burn pits. This helps the VA realize other conditions that can be caused from the exposure and could expand the conditions vets can receive benefits for. If you are having issues getting the VA rating that you believe you deserve after your initial claim, reach out to an accredited representative that specializes in getting veterans a correct rating.

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Linda Cosme | VA-Accredited Attorney & U.S. Army Veteran

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