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What Has Inspired You to Help Other Veterans as a 100% Disabled Veteran?

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Foremost, veterans are unique. It’s part of an identity, both national and individual. Every enlistment is a national commitment to protect and serve, no matter the cost. Wounded soldiers have been compensated for injuries incurred during service since the beginning of time. For example, in the Middle Ages, wounded soldiers received land and money. Some were knighted and all were honored and cared for. In the 1600s, the pilgrims required the entire colony to support disabled soldiers in the 1700s. During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress provided pensions to disabled soldiers, and in the 1800s, British wounded soldiers received a pension. Unlike employees, veterans cannot sue the military for malpractice or negligence, but the VA will compensate veterans for any injury received during military service.

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Linda Cosme | VA-Accredited Attorney & U.S. Army Veteran

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