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How Much is SSDI for 100% Disabled Veterans?

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Veterans with a disability can also collect Social Security disability insurance benefits if the veteran is insured and eligible. Unlike the VA, SSA does not rate on a percentage, nor does it consider the discharge status of a veteran or if the injuries were a result from service. For SSDI, you need an impairment that severely impacts your ability to work, prevents you from performing past or other work, and has lasted for at least twelve months. Receiving VA benefits does not necessarily mean you will also receive SSDI, as the two agencies, the Social Security Administration and the VA, use different methods to determine eligibility and compensation. However, if you are a 100% disabled vet, then you can have your SSDI application expedited. The total amount depends on how much you made from your past jobs, but the maximum amount SSA pays is little over $3,600 a month.

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