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Can I Receive Benefits for Multiple VA Disabilities?

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Yes. And any additional disabilities you have will also be rated by the VA and can increase your total rating. The VA does not simply add ratings together, however. They have a table for combined ratings that they use to determine how two or more conditions can be combined. For example, to give you an idea, a 50% combined rating with another 50% will equal a total 75%, which will then be rounded to the nearest 10%, so the total rating is now 80%. Here’s another example. A 40% disability rating for one condition and a 20% rating for another condition will equal 52% total, which will then be rounded to 50%. The way the math works is that the primary rating is taken from the person’s able body rating. If you’re physically fit, that’s a hundred percent minus your disability rating. So if a veteran has a 70% disability and then another 10% rating, then 10% will be taken from a hundred percent minus 70% or 30%. 10% multiplied by 30% equals 3%, and then added to the 70% for 73%, which will then be rounded to the nearest 10th digit.

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